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Kuch Chatpate
Crunchy starters
Delhi Samosa Chaat
£4.25Add +
Deep-fried crispy pastry cones, stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas, served with spiced chickpeas
Aloo Tikkiya Chaat
£4.25Add +
Deep-fried potato cakes stuffed with spiced lentils and green peas
Aloo Papadi Chat£4.25Add +Flat, flaky, crispy puries topped with potatoes, chickpeas, chilled yoghurt and tangy chutnies
Cabbage & Onion Fritters
£4.25Add +
Crispy cabbage and onion bhajee
Macchi Chatpati
£4.95Add +
Batter-fried fish - traditional fish koliwada
Taley Huay Jhinge
£5.50Add +
Masala fried prawns served on a puri - deep-fried whole wheat bread
Chilli Garlic Prawns
£5.50Add +
Batter-fried prawns, stir-fried with peppers, spring onions and chilli garlic sauce
Chicken 65
£4.95Add +
Cubes of chicken tossed dry in a sauce made of red chillies, curry leaves, garlic, ginger, pepper, spring onions and spices
Pudina Champ
£6.95Add +
Lamb chops marinated with ginger, garlic, spices, fresh coriander and mint - char-grilled in the clay oven
Lazeez Kababs
From the tandoor
Tandoori Jhinga£14.95Add +Platter of tandoori prawns with flavour of your choice fresh dill / lemon butter garlic
Machli Chutney Wali£8.95Add +Chunks of fish in a marinade of coriander and mint puree, charcoal-grilled
Tandoori Murg Angaar
£6.50Add +
Traditional tandoori chicken
Murg Tikka Shole£7.95Add +Charcoal-grilled chunks of chicken with a special spice mix
Reshmi Kebab£7.95Add +Breast of chicken richly marinated, charcoal-grilled
Murg Tikka Afghani£7.95Add +Chicken morsels marinated with yoghurt, ginger, garlic, coriander and mint, cooked in the clay oven
Adraki Chaamp£10.95Add +Charcoal-grilled gingery lamb chops
Tarah Tarah Ke Kabab£15.95Add +Assortment of kababs - seafood, lamb, chicken and vegetables
Paneer Tikka Kastoori£6.95Add +Cottage cheese marinated with yoghurt, nuts and fenugreek, charcoal-grilled
Tandoori Subz-e-Bahar£8.95Add +An interesting assortment of vegetarian delicacies cooked in the tandoor
Sheekh Kabab£6.50Add +Lamb mince with spices & herbs, skewered & cooked in the tandoor
Machiare Ke Jaal Se
From the fisherman's net
Tave Se Jhinga Masala£8.50Add +Prawns stir-fried on the griddle with fresh tomatoes, garlic and pounded spices
Zungtachi Curry£8.50Add +Traditional goan prawn curry
King Prawn Pumpkin
£12.95Add +
King prawn and pumpkin tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and simmered in a sauce made of coconut milk
Malwani Prawn Curry£8.50Add +A regional prawn curry from the western coast of India, cooked with home-made spices
Kerala Meen Moiley£8.50Add +Slices of fish simmered in coconut milk, delicately spiced
Masaledar Macchi Ke Tukde£8.95Add +Chunks of fish, stir-fried with pounded spices, tomato puree, fresh coriander and fenugreek
Goan Fish Curry£8.50Add +Seasonal fish curry, goan home-style preparation
Masaledar Macchi ke tukde£7.95Add +"Chunks of fish, stir-fried with pounded spices, tomato puree, fresh coriander & fenugreek"
Kadai Murg Karachi Wala£7.95Add +Morsels of boneless chicken, cooked in a kadai with fresh tomatoes, pounded spices and fresh coriander
Murg Tikka Jhalfrazie£7.95Add +Grilled morsels of chicken, stir-fried with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, flavoured with fresh pepper and cinnamon powder
Murg Korma£7.95Add +Mildly spiced chicken curry enriched with coconut and nuts
Murg Makhan Masala
£7.95Add +
Butter chicken - favourite of all
Murg Saag Malai£7.95Add +Pieces of chicken simmered with spinach, fresh cream and mild spices
Murg Tikka Masala£7.95Add +A Moghlai treat - recipe from the kitchen of Nawabs
Bhoona Murg Hari Mirch£7.95Add +Morsels of charcoal-grilled chicken, stir fried with golden fried onions and green chillies
Malwani Chicken Curry£7.95Add +A regional chicken curry from western coast of India, cooked with home-made spices
Desi Chooza Curry£7.95Add +Joints of chicken marinated with fresh ginger, garlic, green chillies, spices and cooked in homemade-style curry
Gosht Ke Deg Se
Lamb from casserole
Elaichi Raan£48.00Add +(Needs minimun 48 hours notice). Leg of lamb marinated overnight with yoghurt, cardamom and fresh herbs, pot-roasted and served sliced with pulao rice and spiced vegetables
Rajasthani Lal Mas
£8.95Add +
Lamb cooked in fiery Rajasthani gravy made with dried red chillies and whole spices
Bhoona Gosht£8.95Add +Meat gently cooked with tomatoes, spices and herbs
Rogan Josh£8.95Add +From Kashmir - tender pieces of lamb gently cooked in a mild curry with almonds and spices
Tave Se Gosht Hari Mirch£8.95Add +Tender pieces of lamb, stir-fried on griddle with tomatoes, green chillies, crushed spices and fresh coriander
Amritsari Tave ka Rarha Gosht£7.95Add +Diced & minced lamb, tempered with hearty Amritsari spices & finished on heavy iron griddle
Race-course Ka Kheema£7.95Add +Lamb mince cooked with green herbs & spices. A specialty served at Mumbai race-course.
Saagwala Gosht£7.95Add +Tender pieces of lamb cooked with fresh spinach
Subzion ki Numaish
Vegetarian selections
Paneer Mutter Tava Masala£5.95Add +Cottage cheese stir-fried on the tava with green peas, tomatoes, spices and fresh coriander
Kadai Paneer£5.95Add +Cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices
Saag Paneer Adraki£5.95Add +Cottage cheese, sauteed with delicately spiced spinach and fresh ginger
Paneer Tikka Lababdar£5.95Add +Marinated and grilled cottage cheese, simmered in an enriched tomato gravy
Baingan Bharta£6.50Add +Smoked eggplant mashed and cooked with fresh tomatoes, coriander and mild spices
Bhindi Masaledar£6.50Add +Okra stuffed with spice mix, stir-fried
Kadai Subzi Bikaneri£6.50Add +Combination of fresh vegetables, cooked with tomatoes, green peppers and spices
Aloo Gobi Simla Mirch£4.95Add +Cauliflower flowerets, steamed and stir-fried with fresh tomatoes and green peppers
Chholay£4.95Add +Village-style preparation of chickpeas
Cabbage Foogat£4.95Add +Shredded cabbage and green peas tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves - a specialty from South India
Dal Makhani£4.95Add +Buttery maa di dal - cooked with motherly love
Dal Tadke Wali£4.95Add +Yellow lentils with fresh tempering of garlic and spices
Basmati Rice Khazana
From the treasures of the nawabs
Dum Biryani - Murg/Gosht
£8.95Add +
Served with raita, tender pieces of chicken or lamb, gently steam-cooked with tomatoes, rice, whole spices, fresh herbs and saffron
Subzi Dum Biryani£6.95Add +Served with raita. A combination of saffron-flavoured rice and vegetables, flavoured with fresh coriander and mint
Nilgiri Pulao£3.75Add +Steamed rice, cooked with fresh coriander, mint and coconut cream
Nimboo Bhaat£3.75Add +Steamed turmeric rice, tempered with mustard seeds, flavoured with lemon juice
Pilau Rice£3.75Add +
Saadhe Chawal£2.75Add +Steamed rice
Hindustani Roti Ki Tokri
Indian breads
Naan Makhani£1.95Add +Enriched bread, made from fermented dough
Lasooni Naan£2.50Add +Naan with garlic flakes
Peshawari Naan£2.95Add +Naan bread, stuffed with chopped nuts
Murg Kulcha Reshmi£2.95Add +Bread stuffed with spice chicken mince
Lachedar Paratha£2.50Add +Whole-wheat Indian flaky bread - plain
Pudina Paratha£2.50Add +Whole-wheat Indian flaky bread - mint
Bharwan Paratha£2.50Add +Paratha with spiced potato and vegetable mix
Tandoori Roti£1.95Add +Whole-wheat flour bread baked in the tandoor
Coconut & Date Naan£2.75Add +Naan stuffed with filling made from coconut and dates
Carrot Naan£2.75Add +Naan Stuffed with filling made from sweet carrot
Meethi Baten
For the sweet palate
Kulfi£4.95Add +Traditional Indian ice cream with different choice of flavour
Kesar Badam Bahar£4.95Add +Kulfi topped with a rich saffron sauce and sliced almonds
Gulab Jamun£4.95Add +Condensed milk balls in rose flavoured sugar syrup
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